Allergy Safe Christmas Baking



Our family's allergy journey began when my son was 6 Months old.  After numerous digestive reactions to purees, we were referred to a specialist only to discover that he tested positive to 88% of the foods he was tested against. 

Over the next 6 months we navigated this scary world, landing in the hospital more than once with some terrible reactions.  By the age of 1 we were only left with 2 anaphylactic allergens (Peanuts + Dairy) and a severe allergy to eggs.  This was also the time we discovered his asthma and eczema, which led to our business (but that is another story for another time).

Around 18 months old we had finally settled into a comfortable routine with his allergies only to be met with the dreaded Holiday Season.    

Holidays are a wonderful time for many reasons (aka.  treats!) but as an allergy parents they bring new stresses and concerns.  Parties and dinners are tough...but not nearly as tough as telling your child they have to ignore the trays of goodies.  Finding suitable replacements is always a struggle and for this reason, I have put together my list of fail proof allergy recipes that my family uses each year.  Some are adaptations, and others from some of my favorite blogs.  After the recipes I will add some links to my favorite Vegan blogs for you to explore. 







My Favorite Vegan Blogs: 

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